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    Andrzej BielskiCo-founder and co-owner I have been working for POL-HUN since its establishment. I am a co-creator and co-founder of the company. I am responsible for its dynamic growth and for customer satisfaction. What does my work for POL-HUN mean to me? First of all, it proves that even the most ambitious dream can come true. Privately, I'm an off-road enthusiast; I love car trips, especially long-distance trips; I also love getting to know new people and cultures. If I had to choose one favourite product, it would undoubtedly be the traditional toilet rim block: it is where our journey started :)
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    Wiktoria Bielska Product implementation and development I have been working for POL-HUN for seven years; my role is to create and implement new products. My job is a constant challenge for me and requires the ability to handle even the most daring visions. Personally I love good movies and books. I also love travelling and to spend my free time actively, especially in the company of my boys. My favourite General Fresh product is the all-purpose cleaner. I expect a lot from myself and from others, so we are a close-knit duo :)
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    Marcin SalińskiProduction Manager My cooperation with POL-HUN has been ongoing for 10 years now. During this time I have developed a strong belief that only teamwork brings success, especially if you are, like me, a chemicals and plastics production manager. As for my hobbies, I am literally obsessed with cycling and good movies. My favourite General Fresh product is the traditional toilet rim block. It makes me sure that my kids use a clean toilet.
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    Klementyna SzemiotSelling to strategic partners I have been working for four years in our company. For me it has been a time of development, great satisfaction and motivation to further improve my skills. My job is to sell products to strategic partners; I am responsible for our key customers. Outside working hours I am an active person; my two great passions are horse riding and fitness. My favourite General Fresh product is the dishwashing powder. Its texture is just as effective as tabs, but it is much cheaper; I can spend the savings on a gym pass :)
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    Tomasz AntosiakSales – export markets I have been working for for POL-HUN for three years, dealing with foreign markets sales. My job makes our company a place of continuous development for me. Personally I am a great sports and music enthusiast. If I had to choose my favourite General Fresh product, I would go with the spray air freshener; it has a wide range of fragrances and everyone can find their personal favourite.
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    Magdalena WawrzonowskaSales – domestic markets I have been working for 11 years for the company, and I am responsible for sales on the Polish market. Working for POL-HUN is, first of all, a pleasure for me: I like my profession; it gives me an opportunity to develop my skills and gain new experience. But work is not everything; I am interested in IT, and the best way for me to relax is to listen to music. My favourite General Fresh product is the Perfume Gel air freshener, an exclusive product, combining a sophisticated design and an interesting range of fragrance.
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    Martyna KielichExport Specialist I have been working for POL-HUN for 3 years. One of my responsibilities is foreign market sales. Working in our company gives me the opportunity to develop and face challenges, but I also derive pleasure and fulfilment from it. My great passion is theatre and the poetry of the Young Poland movement. I also love long walks and sunny days. My favourite General Fresh product is the cleaner for fittings, because I like when my bathroom is sparkling clean, and I have more time for myself :)
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    Radosław LipskiProduction Manager I have been an employee of POL-HUN for as many as 19 years. I am a chemicals and plastics production manager. What does it mean to me to work for this company? It is a daily challenge that requires full commitment. After work I spend time on my passions: fishkeeping, cross-country running and cross-country cycling. My favourite General Fresh product is the liquid hand wash. Despite being a manager I love to work closely with machines. Only this hand wash effectively deals with, even, machine grease.