If you tried to describe the history and essence of POL-HUN in 4 words, they would undoubtedly be:

  • Friendship
  • Dreams
  • Creativity
  • Family

POL-HUN was established in 1990
by three friends who, from the very beginning, believed in their venture would be successful. Thanks to perseverance, ambition and the belief that one should face challenges head on, they managed to find a niche in the industry of household chemicals and created the General Fresh brand offering a unique line of cleaning products.


Today, after 25 years on the market, our company is one of the largest chemical businesses in Poland. In order to ensure the high quality of our products we have developed logistic solutions, production halls and warehouses, as well as a well-equipped research and development laboratory.

The leading product of the General Fresh brand are toilet rim blocks. It started our company on the road to success. Besides toilet blocks, the assortment includes a wide range of cleaners: toilet deodorisers, toilet cleaners, air fresheners, dishwashing liquids, a series of dishwasher products, as well as cleaners and drain openers. POL-HUN also produces packaging and personal labels on order and according to customer wishes.

A full range of products to clean the whole house

The quality of our products and services is best proven by the number of customers who trust us; outside Poland POL-HUN products are exported, among other places, to contractors from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, USA, Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia ...

A private label manufacturer

and manufacturer of Mattes Polska, Global Cosmed, Artur Gruca Polska Grupa Biznesowa, Camea, Stokrotka. 
Outside Poland we cooperate with Ahrenshof, Algri, Paslaugu Ideja, Apolo, Aridon, Babolna, Dom Bałtycki, Banex, Belamionix, Benckmar, Beson Gross, Bestempo, Billy's, Binaqadi-Biladgari , Chemart, Cleber Srl, Dcr, Dva Plus, Dymol Kft, Ezo, Galop, Ims Marketing, Kotilaakso, Kupawa, Lemmilaid, Lomax, Malen, Mattes Slovakia, Megeve, Mikolajczyk, Nimeks Doo, Nypac, Panas, Pavliudenix, Proren, Razilcom, Tomas Rebicek, Robot General Trading, S.C. Point, Sergei Syrodoi, Seven Tops, Shahnar, Sort (Norvin), Styl, Tavola, Tesco Global, Uab, Ugria, Velu, Vento Bohemia, Viseb, Viti Levu, Zaga Trading 

  • our own logistic facilities
  • a production and warehouse area of over 13000 square metres
  • More than 300 employees in one company
We invite you to explore our history and get to know our team